COELAN® was founded in 1954 and belongs to the German Kemper System Group. Under the brand name COELAN®, the international specialist for liquid waterproofing produces and sells a wide range of high-quality products and decorative coatings for indoor and outdoor use. The liquid applied floor coatings of the COELAN® brand are ideal for residential, commercial, and heavily used industrial areas.

The Kemper System Group is a world leader in the supply of liquid-applied waterproofing and has been fully committed to the construction sector for over 60 years through its brands Kemperol® and COELAN®. Kemper System is complemented by independent subsidiaries in the USA, China, India, Canada, the UK, France, Italy and Poland. Moreover, the company boasts partnerships with qualified contractors and distributors in a number of countries.

Excellent product quality and good reputation has made us a much sought-after international partner for architects, planners, developers, and contractors. Many of the best-known and most important structures around the world are on our list of references, such as German Volkswagen AG, German BMW plant, Television Tower Alex in Berlin, the Empire State Building in New York, US Capital Dome, US Falling Water, World Trade Center US, Buckingham Palace in London, Shaoshan Mao Zedong Relics Museum, Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center, Shanghai Volkswagen plant, Pfizer pharmaceutical clean plant, Hormel production and processing plant, GLP&Logos logistic warehouses, Suzhou International Expo Center, etc.